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For my work placement presentation i did it on the company TATA. Here is my Case study on them.

TaTa steel have become one of the top ten global steel makers and the worlds second most geographically diverse company. Founded in 1907 in India, and by 1908, the first plant was constructed and functional, between 1908, and 1912, furnaces, powerhouses and coke ovens where laid down. Then on February 16th  1912, the fist steel ingot was rolled, this was considered a truly momentous day for the history of the industrial climate of India.

Since 2004, the company had expanded globally, taking NatSteel and Millennium Steel, changing to TaTa Steel Thailand, and also taking Europe’s second largest steel producer, Chorus, changing that to TaTa Steel Europe Limited

With TaTa being one of the largest steel makers, they have employed over 80,000 employees over 5 continents. They have an annual crude steel capacity of over 28 million tons per annum.

TaTa have ‘Visions and Values’

Here is an image of TaTa ‘Vision’


They say they will achieve this by

  • Our conduct – by working together with pace pride and passion.
  • Our offer – by developing leading-edge solution in technology and products
  • Our people – by becoming the supplier of choice, and delivering premium products and services
  • Our innovation – providing a safe workplace, and respecting the environment.

Here are there ‘Values’

  • Integrity – Conducting the business fairly, with honesty and transparency
  • Understanding – Be caring and show respect for colleagues
  • Excellence – Constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards, day to day
  • Unity – Work cohesively with other colleagues, customers and partners
  • Responsibility – must be responsive and responsible to the countries, communities and environments in which we work.


TaTa have also set themselves goals, they say that they are proud of there performance culture, and that they are committed to setting themselves challenges, then rising to each challenge.

Here are there key corporate goals that they are aiming to achieve by 2012,

  • Value creation: Deliver a 30% return on invested capital
  • Safety: Driving down our lost time injury frequency rate to a maximum of 0.4 incidents per million hours worked
  • Environment: Reduce carbon dioxide emissions to less than 1.9 tones per tone of crude steel
  • People: Rank as an employer of choice in the top quartile across all industries.

I got all of this information from,

Here is a link to my presentation


One of the first artists I am going to be looking at is a woman called Alexa Meade. Alexa is a 24 year old artist that is very unique, rather than painting or sculpting Alexa meadon a normal material, she uses a physical subject for a canvas.

I like this different way she presents her artwork as it as it stands out not just from other artists, but as you see from the photo the it looks like a 2d image on a 3d background so it looks very good.

Another artist I am going to look at is one called Andy Warhol. Andy was born on August 6th, 1928 in Pittsburgh. In 1942 he had attended Carnegie Institute (now known as the Carnegie museum of art) and graduated in 1949 earning

a Bachelor of Fine arts degree in pictorial design. Soon after graduating, Andy moved to New York to pursue a career as a commercial artist, and got his debut in ‘Glamorous magazine’ in September, and then from then on

was know as one of the most successful illustrators of the 1950s.

Andy warhol

A reason why I have chose this particular artist is that he has done some self-portrait pieces, and I think they look really good.

andy image

A final artist i am going to research is one called Luc Tuymans, This artist was born in Belgium in 1958.

Luc is a unique painter as he actually abandoned painting in 1982 to go and study art history and experimenting with video and film.



The epic fail internet meme has been around for many years, it describes a certain event where a person would fail at something, but the fail but be of epic preportions.

Its over 9000! this is from the famous anime series, Dragonball Z, it is where a character called vegeta crushes his scouter shouting, ” ITS OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!”

Lol cats have been around for many years now, its starts with a funny picture of a cat, and they are speaking in lolspeak, which is just funny text.


Leeroy Jenkins originated from the popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) World of Warcraft ( or WoW).

It is where a player goes in a raid (area which requires a large amount of people to progress through) and pulls all the enemies in one room and kills everyone in his raid, whilst shouting ‘LEEEEROYYY JENKINSS’ as he does it.

The Orly Owls have been around since late 2003,where it was used on the forums, Something Awful, its where 3 funny picures of owls are saying “ORLY?!” “YA RLY!” “NO WAI!!!” This is now used as a response to threads on them forums in a sarcastic way.

orly?ya rlyno wai

Challenge: Storyboard

For this challenge we had to create a storyboard of a clip of our choice, it could be any clip, we just had to create 15 – 20 A4 storyboards for each part of the scene.

An example of the one we where shown ,

For this Challenge, as a group we had to think of a large amount of ideas that use both stone, and camera. Some ideas we had come up with are,

  • A Camera that takes photo into stone
  • Camera Made of stone
  • Pet Rock that has a camera in the mouth
  • Camera that if you take a picture of a stone object it brings it to life.

We had decided to go with the pet rock idea.

For this we have to create a poster advertising the pet rock.

For this challene we had to use little models and put them in situtions that reflect on real life. Our general idea had included a car, and we had a number of ideas that included this, we had,

  • A door open and some little people getting in
  • The little people sat on the roof
  • The little people sat around the car driving it, so one on the steering wheel, one on the gearstick ect.
  • The car bonnet open and one little person holding it up

The idea we used was the one with the bonnet.

Bonnet little person 1 Bonnet Little Person 2Bonnet Little Person 3

If i had more time to do this challenge i would try to get a better camera so i could improve the picture quality.

Here is a link to a blog that has alot of interesting little people pictures,

Internet Memes

Today we have been looking at internet memes. We had gone onto a website and looked at the top ten internet memes,

the website for these memes is,

For this task we had to do either

1) Create a poster or a leaflet for our top 5 internet memes


2) Create a group video of what we think could be an internet meme.

We had tried doing the group video, but we were stuck for ideas so have turned to making a poster/ leaflet holding the information on my top 5 memes.

My advert: Pasta

For the advert the group are having to create we are doing it on pasta, the only think we have to stick to is it has to be exactly 32 seconds long.

My ideas

I could be focusing on a single packet of pasta, and possibly be showing different foods you can have with it.

I could have one packet of pasta then it could be changing every few seconds showing many different flavours.

i am going to be using the first idea.

I think that on this assignment i have done well. I think that choosing to present it on Prezi was a good idea and enabled me to take a different approach to it. Although i think if i were to do the assignment again i would stick with the same idea, but a different way of presenting it. This is because there were certain points whilst i was using prezi that i was finding it abit difficult because of the controls, i would probably end up creating a magazine if i were to do it again. If i had more time to do this assignment i would have done more research so i could therefore make my Prezi longer in an aim to get the best possible mark i can, but overall i feel that i have done well on this assignment.

For this assignment i am doing apple mac, and i am going to be creating it on Prezi.

For all the research i did i had got it from Wikipedia :

In the late 1970’s, Jef Raskin had envisioned a cheap easy to use computer, And by 1979, he has a whole team together to help achieve this goal.

When they had finished, the first mac was built to Raskins specifications, it had 64 KB of RAM, had a Motorola 6809E microproccessor, and  a 256×256 bitmap display.

When the Mac was being Advertised, it was first anounced in a newspaper, and then in a large brochure that was included with specific magazines. Then the first advert that was released for the Apple mac was release on January 22nd 1984, during the Superbowl. This was a good time to advertise it because there would have been a large amount of people watching it.

In 1989 Apple release the Macintosh portable, a 16MHz 68000 machine that was backlit in some models.

In 2006, Apple was progressing well, with the ipods and the iphone, they had started to incorparate Intel proccessors to run with macs. With this envision, they had come up with a new design for all the macs, they were to have aluminum and glass casings, this would therefore make them look nicer.

Here are the links for my images;

Jef Raskin Picture :,r:32,s:0&tx=34&ty=23&biw=1341&bih=680

First Mac Picture :,r:1,s:0&tx=42&ty=44

Apple Picture :,r:0,s:0&tx=58&ty=105

First Mac advert video :

First Portable Mac picture :

iMac, Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air pictures :